The Importance of Sidewalk Manners (and as always, some food)

A matter near and dear to my heart, sidewalk manners. Maybe because I am Canadian, I don't know, but when I'm on a sidewalk I really obey the "rules". I walk on the correct side I'm meant to walk on, I give space to those who need it and clear the way for the elderly and kids etc. After living in Italy on and off for nearly two years, there is one thing I have never grown accustomed to and today I was really in no mood for this aloof behaviour. I was walking to one of my conversational English classes and there were two middle-aged med walking toward me. The sidewalks here are quite narrow, as you can imagine, and that doesn't leave much in terms of space to work with. Here I am, a young woman faced with two options: a) muster my courage and walk through them (in retrospect, maybe the best option) or b) walk into the street. I walked into the street, of course. This is a small and menial tidbit, but after the same things happens multiple times a week and it's primarily men who block my way, a woman, it starts to feed a fire deep inside your soul. I just needed to vent for a moment, Canada and Italy are different and I need to get used to it. Ha! I may never!

But onward to the food! Today was Friday, Friday is market day and market day means fresh porchetta from a truck. "What's porchetta?" some of you may ask, wide eyed. Porchetta is a magical way to cook pork. I have to say, other than bacon, I don't love pork. I am suspect by how pale it is and for me, the taste isn't always so inspiring. But this pork...this pork is different. Porchetta is usually a whole pig wrapped in layers with a rosemary spread in the middle cooked slowly on a spit. The outside is complete fat and becomes a golden brown crackling. It's delicious yet nauseating, but the best things often are. We bought a heap of meat and fetched some special buns and brought it all home to gorge for lunch. Definitely not a light snack but oh boy, it's good. My boyfriend first introduced me to porchetta and we definitely don't eat the stuff regularly, that type of food is heart attack inducing! 


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