Italian Grocery Shopping

Universally, I think grocery shopping is very similar. The only thing that really changes is the stuff that you're able to buy. Take Canada for instance, we're blessed with such a wide variety of different kinds of foods, foods from all different cultures. That is one thing I have to admit that I really miss. One thing Italian grocery stores aren't lacking in is quality! But in terms of other cultures and tropical fruit, they're lacking. Even the discount grocers are good quality. Anything you make in Italy will no doubt taste Italian regardless of what culture you're trying to channel. If I make curry here, for some reason, I use white wine to cook everything. It's definitely not authentic in any way but boy is it surprisingly delicious. If I want to make souvlaki pitas it's a challenge because for some reason I can't find pitas. In the land of bread you'd think all bread would be readily available. In Rome, maybe, but not Chieti. I'm not complaining because having such good food so easily available is a dream for most people and I am living it. Today, in a few minutes, we will go do our weekly shop because the grocers we go to marks everything half off on Sunday mornings, which is pretty cool. At the beginning, when I said most places are the same, I meant the lay out of the stores. When I'm at Tigre (where we shop), I might as well be anywhere in the world. When I lived in the UK and went grocery shopping, same thing. Last week, I took a picture of our weekly shop to show you what we typically buy.

Here is our shop last week, from left to right here is a typical weekly shop for us give or take some staples (fruit etc): baguette, chips/popcorn, pre-cooked lentils, pasta (surprise!), baccala (salted cod) with peppers, frozen pizza for emergencies, yogurt, chicken, jam, mushroom spread, rice and WINE! 

Personally I like peering into peoples' personal lives day to day, it makes me feel more normal. And it's cool to see what people do in other countries :)


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