Colazione in Italia (Breakfast in Italy)

It's taken me years to enjoy having breakfast, I was a picky weirdo (still am?). If it's not dripping with egg yolk and hollandaise sauce I probably won't eat it. It's hard for me to eat a normal breakfast in the morning, it just doesn't interest me as lunch and dinner. I'll have lunch and dinner for breakfast please! I don't know what I was expecting when I arrived in Italy, in terms of breakfast. When you turn on the television there's an onslaught of advertisements encouraging a balanced breakfast which, in their eyes, consists of nutella or any kind of sugary cookies and milk. My first morning in Italy I was curious to see what the boy I was looking after would have before school. I watched, disapprovingly, as my host poured a glass of milk and gave her son a bag of sugary chocolate cookies to dunk into the milk, that was it, off he went to school. There ya go, breakfast! Just a little different than what we consider a balanced and healthy breakfast back home in Canada. I wasn't into cookies for breakfast or nutella, so I opted for fruit, which there is an abundance of! Obviously the fruit here is quite fresh and of good quality. But for people on the run, a typical breakfast consists of a shot of espresso and a cornetto (a not so appetizing version of a croissant), maybe. When my boyfriend tells me, "Lauren, let's go grab a delicious breakfast!" we will have something that I would usually eat for dessert and a cappuccino, which is delicious but more like a snack or a mid day treat. Not my kind of breakfast, I'm sorry. A couple of weeks ago we went to this "American" style diner where they supposedly served an "American" breakfast. It was very disappointing. They served toast with the meal which was actually two pieces of wonder bread type bread with ham and melted processed cheese in the middle. Then a salad, which was just lettuce. The best part was the bacon. Needless to say, my dreams suffered once again, I was actually pretty angry. But I've learned about the breakfast culture here. It doesn't exist. Lunch is the big meal of the day, which I will write about after my breakfast post. When my boyfriend joined me in Canada this passed summer I was so happy to finally be able to introduce him to a proper breakfast. Then my family, of course. First breakfast, then my family. Makes sense, I love food! Our first morning in Canada we took him to a greasy spoon in Lindsay, admittedly not the greatest breakfast but definitely typical of small towns in Canada. It was delicious. I ate it all and loved every bite. I think my boyfriend (who I will now refer to as "L" for anonymity sake) was a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount and heaviness of our first meal. Obviously most people don't eat like that everyday day, I explained. But we are definitely a breakfast and brunch culture!
Being back here is wonderful, I love it and if I want a particular breakfast I have to make it myself. But there are certain things that I'd rather eat that were made for me, such as huevos rancheros or eggs benedict. Also, when you're in a relationship with someone who doesn't love breakfast like you do (or likes different things for breakfast) you kind of lose inspiration because eating breakfast alone isn't the most thrilling experience (if you wanna fancy breaky). Something we both love and can agree on is a good Sicilian breakfast. Basically they eat gelato for breakfast but by another name, granita. It's so delicious and it is such an indulgence!

 (Me on my 25th birthday indulging in some coffee and chocolate granita for breakfast!)

This entry is the first part of my meal series. Please read on to learn about each meal of the day. If there was something you wanted to know that I didn't cover, send me a comment and I'll tell you! Buona mattina! 


  1. I love breakfast too and my bilingual Kids love a full breakfast: eggs (all ways), breakfast burrito, waffles or pancakes. That's One thing I know I have passed onto them.


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