An Introduction

I'm sitting in my little Italian apartment on a cold and rainy Tuesday morning listening to some Gershwin. I've found myself back in this Italian town located in the region of Abruzzo once again. There are a few reasons I keep coming back: I'm in a relationship with a man from this town (whose family quickly adopted me as one of their own), I now have good friends here and last, but not least, the food. God forbid I not mention the food; the pizza, the pasta, the vegetables, the meat and of course the fish! (I'd like to convince myself that one of these days I'll try a vegan diet, but let's be honest, as long as I spend time in a place where the meat is a staple of the diet and delicious, that is probably not going to happen any time soon!)

If you don't know me personally, maybe you'd like some quick insight as to why I'm here (it's a somewhat long story, but I'll attempt to sum it up):
Nearly 3 years ago to the day, I registered (on a whim) with Au Pair World online. A former friend of mine had been an au pair in Europe for a year and it sounded like such a wonderful (and challenging) undertaking. At this point I was unemployed, living at home on EI (Canadian unemployment insurance) and more unsure of my life and my path than ever! Even before I had time to add information about myself or pictures, dozens of Italian mothers (I had chosen Italy as one of my three preferred destinations) were messaging me and asking me to do online interviews. After nearly 5 interviews with different mothers from all over Italy, I was contacted by a single mother who seemed very eager to speak with me. We muddled through an "interview" and that was it, I decided I was (most likely) going to Italy! It took me weeks to actually purchase my ticket, due to nerves and lack of support from one of my parents but eventually I did it!
Fast forward 3 months and I'm spending my 23rd birthday on a gondola on the Grand Canal in Venice with 3 new friends from the UK chugging wine! At this point, I had spent enough time in Italy that I had started making friends and even had my eye set on someone I didn't think I'd ever have. He was older, taken and who in their right mind would be interested in getting involved with a naive foreign girl? Not me. Lo and behold, when I returned to my au pair job and friends, he was on the market! Yippee! I made my move, smoothly and oh-so-suavely! Following our courtship, I was set to go to Brighton in the UK with my host and her boy. This is where it would begin, the long distance relationship but also a wonderful adventure in the UK. Two for the price of one (being living in Italy and the UK, so fortunate). After 3 months, I found myself back in Italy but then had to return to Canada. I applied for a visa, got it, spent a year here in Italy and this passed summer, my Italian man came home with me to learn the Canadian way. In a nut shell, that brings us to the present moment in time where I sit with this vision of a blog about Italian life, love, food and findings on this rainy and cold day.

Each blog entry, I would like to sign off with a thought. Today's thought is going out on a limb and what you can find at the end of that limb. For me, it was simply going onto a website that changed my life (I sometimes compare it to the ultimate blind date but you're moving in with the family and flying across the world). Maybe you need a change or an improvement and there's probably something small you can do that will bring big transformation! It could be as small as following my new blog to learn something new about the ways of Italian life and food!


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