An (easy) Italian Recipe:

As frequently as possible I will post an authentic Italian recipe. If you have a request, I will post what the people want to know. This week, I decided on a dish that is super-duper easy and best of all, cheap to make!

1 package of which ever pasta you'd prefer, ideally fusilli
1 white onion
1-2 zucchini
3/4 cup of white wine for cooking
EVOO unmeasured, it's a personal preference
Salt to taste
Hot pepper flakes to taste
Grana padano cheese (!!!!!!!!!)

See? So few ingredients! To begin, take one of your zucchine and grate the whole thing into a bowl. With the second zucchine, slice it in half (length wise) and slice it very thinly. Sometimes I even cut the half in half. With the onion you're able to cut it how you'd like but thinly, always thinly. Often times, I grate the onion into the zucchine. Now, in a big pan or deep pot combine your zucchini, onion, EVOO and your white wine, cover with lid and leave to simmer on medium (periodically stirring) until it's mushy and combined. When you think the veggies are well cooked, you're able to begin your pasta. Follow the instructions on the label but as any true Italian will tell you, salt the water to taste like the Adriatic (in other words, salty as hell). Cook your pasta al dente (this consistency is up for interpretation but as long as it's not mush), drain (don't rinse) and add it to your pan or pot and combine. Serve with all the cheese in the world, but please make sure it's good quality, no Kraft shit may touch this dish!

I encourage you to try this, it's super easy and I know it probably doesn't sound like anything special but it's such a delicious dish! And so so so so so so so easy! 


  1. That sounds a bit like a recipe I've been thinking about adding to my blog. It's funny that these dishes that seem so simple can be so delicious! Of course, most of the ingredients here just seem to taste better/have more flavor than I've been used to for quite a while.


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