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La Mia Giornata Italiana Ideale

I wake to the exotic church bells that I thought only existed in the movies. They sing a sweet Italian song and awaken me to the realization that I am in fact in Italy! (Something you take for granted as you run all over town for meetings and work.) Today is special, I can’t tell you why but I can feel it! We head out of the house for an Italians’ idea of breakfast, I have a creamy cappuccino and I lap up the foam with my spoon. We haven’t decided on what to do, there are just too many options. Do we head east to the sea, or north to the mountains or do we find a quaint little town in the surrounding rolling hills and eat a few bites of tradition? Let’s do all three, it’s not impossible!
Hop in the Lancia and head to the aqua marine blue pond they call the Adriatic. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of swimming in the sea, but lounging on the sand with a good book and cold water is my idea of paradise.
I want some typical fare for lunch and to fulfill this request, we must head to the m…

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